Mark Van Bergh Photography | Beltway-Belfast Boxing Classic - Event Night
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Photographs from the fourth annual Beltway-Belfast Boxing Classic on Saturday night, April 9, at the Westin hotel in Washington, DC. A portion of the proceeds from print sales will be donated to the Beltway-Belfast Boxing Project.
Beltway-Belfast Classic 2011-0001Beltway-Belfast Classic 2011-0002Beltway-Belfast Classic 2011-0003Beltway-Belfast Classic 2011-0004Beltway-Belfast Classic 2011-0005Beltway-Belfast Classic 2011-0006Beltway-Belfast Classic 2011-0007Beltway-Belfast Classic 2011-0008Beltway-Belfast Classic 2011-0009Beltway-Belfast Classic 2011-0010Beltway-Belfast Classic 2011-0011Beltway-Belfast Classic 2011-0012Beltway-Belfast Classic 2011-0013Beltway-Belfast Classic 2011-0014Beltway-Belfast Classic 2011-0015Beltway-Belfast Classic 2011-0016Beltway-Belfast Classic 2011-0017Beltway-Belfast Classic 2011-0018Beltway-Belfast Classic 2011-0019Beltway-Belfast Classic 2011-0020

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