Mark Van Bergh Photography | Beltway-Belfast Boxing Classic - Tony's Gym Warm Up
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Members of the Belfast contingent of boxers and coaches for the fourth annual Beltway-Belfast Boxing Classic visited Tony's Gym in Washington on Thursday afternoon for a light workout before Saturday night's main event. Some of the Beltway boxers also were at Tony's. A portion of the proceeds from print sales will be donated to the Beltway-Belfast Boxing Project.
Beltway-Belfast Tony's Gym 2011-1Beltway-Belfast Tony's Gym 2011-10Beltway-Belfast Tony's Gym 2011-11Beltway-Belfast Tony's Gym 2011-12Beltway-Belfast Tony's Gym 2011-13Beltway-Belfast Tony's Gym 2011-14Beltway-Belfast Tony's Gym 2011-15Beltway-Belfast Tony's Gym 2011-16Beltway-Belfast Tony's Gym 2011-17Beltway-Belfast Tony's Gym 2011-18Beltway-Belfast Tony's Gym 2011-19Beltway-Belfast Tony's Gym 2011-2Beltway-Belfast Tony's Gym 2011-20Beltway-Belfast Tony's Gym 2011-21Beltway-Belfast Tony's Gym 2011-22Beltway-Belfast Tony's Gym 2011-23Beltway-Belfast Tony's Gym 2011-24Beltway-Belfast Tony's Gym 2011-25Beltway-Belfast Tony's Gym 2011-26Beltway-Belfast Tony's Gym 2011-27

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